Welcome to the world of SimWorld Sports!

SimWorld Hoops is a place where the Average Joe can live out their hoop dreams!


Delve into a deep, lively world

We foster a realism-based, interactive RPG sim in our interactive SimWorld where you can live the experience of advancing your basketball career from high school to college, all the way to the pros!

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Live Your dream

In our SimWorld, no real-world basketball skills are required to join, nor do you need a gaming system!

  • Experience Our World
    Enjoy professional broadcasts with live commentary, stats, production, and more.
  • Make Yourself Known
    Discuss, entertain, and shape your legacy in the eyes of the media and fans.
  • navigate your career
    Live out full seasons and choose your career path -- whether it be to stardom, or regret.

Are you the next gregg popovich?

Does setting strategy and establishing culture float your boat? No problem. Become a Head Coach in our world and cement your legacy as a win-first coach, a player development coach, or forge your own strategy.

  • Manage Strategy
    Customize schemes, manage player specifics, and make live in-game coaching adjustments.
  • Create a Culture
    Empower your players, discuss strategy, engage and develop your players for the future.
  • build your legacy
    Brave media vultures, upkeep player morale, prioritize team over self... and flat out win.